Saturday, May 3, 2008

Loads of Fun!

We have had quite the eventful last couple days...and I love it. I love that Winter is LONG gone and that we can be (and are) outside a majority of the waking hours of our days! This makes me happy happy!

Thursday Jeff was off and we went on a family bike ride. We rode about 7 miles and stopped all along the way to do things like: Blockbuster, feed the ducks, get a treat (fruit snacks), and eat at Taco Bueno! That was way fun (although my bootie is SO sore)...

Friday I did a class at the Y for 45 minutes and then the kids and I went on a stroll around downtown in the stroller to enjoy the sunshine (and kill time). Then we went to my friend Kara's house and played outside with her girls. That was fun. Then after nap/daddy got home, we went to a big party at the school where the kids take Mother's Day Out and had a blast there. My kids loved it! They didn't eat well, but oh well. They had lots of fun playing!

Today we went on another bike ride which again was fun but my tail was so sore I could barely sit down on the bike seat, so I did a lot of riding standing up. Today we went by the Pizza Place and ordered our pizza and then we went by Blockbuster again and then riding in Kara's neighborhood before returning to find and demolish our VERY VERY YUMMY pizza. The kids ate a ton of pizza and I brought some fruit too...very good! Very very good. Then it was nap time and we all took 2 hour naps (except Dad who played video games alone for 2 hours...equally happy for him) and woke up happy! Then we went to the Kiddie Park which has got to be the greatest place on earth and to think it is located in Bville is so wonderful!!!! This was the first weekend it was opened for the season and so I thought it might be crowded but it wasn't AT ALL! It was so nice, although a bit chilly! They had a blast and cried when we left at 9:30 when I realized I never had fed my kids dinner and it was WAY past their bedtime. But we ate the leftover pizza for dinner and had more fruit....(and they did have a snack after their naps :)) which was Peanut Butter cookies with chocolate chips! :) Yummmmmmy!

Good days, lots of playtime, lots of memories, lots and lots of fun....NOT ONE PICTURE! Oh well...


jeff said...

three things:
1) they didn't eat well Friday night because they ate cake :)
2) blockbuster is so great (thanks to free trial offers and God wiring me for less sleep then the average bear!!
3) 'daddy was NOT playing video games for two hours' he was reading more books to become a better pastor and marriage counselor!! :)

KNH said...

Courtney it looks like you had fun this past few days!!!

Dalene said...

I love how physically active your family is. We LOVE summer bike rides.

It seems like the REALLY great days are the ones when you forget your camera....oh well..