Sunday, May 25, 2008

Insane week ahead

This week will be a bit insane, but I am so thankful that it starts off with a Holiday! Yeah yeah yeah! Jeff will be off most of tomorrow (although he has to go in for a little bit since it is such a crazy week). The summer interns arrive Tuesday and they have their retreat for Tuesday/Wednesday and maybe even Thursday I am not Jeff will be gone the whole time. Then Friday I am taking the kids to Enid because we leave early Saturday for the summer Mission Trip to Camp Barnabas. (we'll be gone 8 days)

I'll say it now I am WAY nervous about this adventure. So if you feel inclined, please begin to pray now for me, for our trip, for our campers, for our safety, for my small group girls who are going, for my kids while they are away! takes my breath away just how nervous I am about it all! But I am excited too...

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Hyperactivelu said...

I hope you have a stress free week and a great time away!