Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dentist...and a bad patient!

The last dental's over. Yee-haw! I swear though, my poor dentist! I had him on his toes every appointment for one reason or the other. If there were awards for worst dental patient ever, I'd have it in the bag!

Today I almost passed out. I am hypoglycemic to begin with, hadn't had anything to eat at all (or drink) all day and had LOTS of local anesthesia in my mouth, not to mention my heart was racing just because I hate dental work--it makes me break out in a cold sweat! So, I had to be put on oxygen, they had to stop the work and throw food in my mouth and put me on a heart rate monitor...seriously...didn't know that happened at dentist offices.

But I am totally fine now and was within minutes of the "occurrence" but it scared me a little with all the commotion. I didn't think anything of it just thought I was getting light headed and they started in with all the contraptions and stuff...whoa!

I have my permanent bridge in now and a new filling! With all the appointments to get to the point, I'd say I am excited about it all now! (probably wouldn't have said that otherwise).

I think I don't have to go back till August to get a cleaning done! :)

Not that my dentist reads my blog, but thanks SB, you are wonderful in every way! I really appreciate all your patience with me and of course your unending generosity and kindness towards me, even though I am the worst dental patient ever...I could never thank you enough for all you've done for me...and my family. Thanks!


Dalene said...

WHAT. ON. EARTH????? A heartrate monitor? Wow. Courtney, I'm glad your work is done...that is a PTL!!!

hyperactive lu said...

i hate dentist. always have! always will.

Dalene said...