Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comment gone Post

Thanks again sweet friends! I so appreciate verbal (or written) encouragement! Creighton ended up sleeping through the night which was awesome! I on the other hand am still trained to her old cycle and sat up from 6 on waiting for her to get up to nurse...she didn't till 8:20. :) I wasn't sad about that for ONE second. I actually got a lot done this morning and we all went to church as a family...first time in a long time...usually we have to take two cars.

This started out as comment and thought it was too long and who goes back to check all those comments there ya go...thanks guys...

And Maria, yeah, I am being pretty careful about making sure I stay on top of all of my stuff this time...I'd say I might be borderline, but fairly okay most of the time.


hyperactive lu said...

Glad your morning went great!

Maria said...

Awesome. I don't mean to bring it up over and over. I just want it to work out as a positive experience and all and worry about you sometimes. :)